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Beyond Awareness: Student-Led Innovation in Campus Mental Health


Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council 2018 Summary Report and Program Highlight


While awareness campaigns and policy changes are important parts of supporting mental health and wellbeing on campus, new programmatic solutions led by students offer important perspectives and ideas about how to best meet the needs of their peers. In a world of limited resources, student leadership can make all the difference in creating alternatives and supplements to traditional services, such as working with counselors or psychiatrists or attending group therapy.

With an understanding of the effectiveness of peer support, the influence of community, and the impact of the consumer voice, Mental Health America created its inaugural Collegiate Mental Health Innovation Council (CMHIC) in 2017. CMHIC is dedicated to discussing the latest issues students face when balancing higher education with mental health concerns and highlighting student-led innovation on campus that addresses these concerns. CMHIC consists of student leaders who have created programs or lead advocacy on campus that fills gaps in traditional mental health supports and services in their communities.

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  • Young people aren’t our future. They are our now – and they’re leading change on campus mental health. Find out how 12 students transformed mental health on their campuses through Mental Health America’s first-ever college report:
  • Nearly 40% of college students said they felt so depressed that it was difficult for them to function. 12 students decided to help their peers through technology, support, and advocacy. Learn more in Mental Health America’s first-ever college report: