Strategic Plan

Strategic Priorities & Goals


Capture and communicate the impact of current MHA work

  • Identify our target markets and programs, the outcomes for each, and develop specific plans to reach each goal and performance measure
  • Define measures that show we are a good community investment
  • Develop a communication strategy focused on outcomes and impact


Understand and help improve mental health and wellness services in our community   

  • Scan the local environment of mental health services, strengths, needs and gaps
  • Prioritize unmet needs and identify adequately- and under-served areas
  • Facilitate solutions by identifying opportunities for MHA or partners to fill unmet needs
  • Assess MHA’s programs in light of the community’s services, strengths, needs and gaps


Focus on Sustainability

  • Increase unrestricted funding from donors
  • Maintain a diversity of grant funding
  • Evaluate and implement fee for service opportunities where appropriate
  • Evaluate our naming & branding


Strengthen MHA’s board of directors

  • Develop an action plan for board members to shift the board focus towards greater engagement with MHA’s strategic work
  • Continuously and strategically recruit board members
  • Commit to supporting the on-going staff and resource needs