In partnership with the Women’s Giving Alliance and Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, we bring cutting edge trainings to mental health professionals each year. These evidence-based trainings bring the latest gender-specific research to hundreds of professionals each year. While attendance is limited, MHA is committed to making all digital materials from each training available online.

Mental Health for Women in the Military

Training Videos

Part 1

Paula Coughlin

Tracy Hejmanowski

Military Sexual Trauma: Information and Resources for Family and Friends

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Part 2

Che’ri Monger

Protect Our Defenders

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Part 3 – Local Services


Ann Johnson

Che’ri Monger

Michelle Poitier

Dee Quaranta

Military Sexual Violence Fact Sheet

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Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Training Videos

Stop the Pain of Social Exclusion

Dr. Amy Banks and Dr. Karen Craddock

This workshop explored social exclusion, marginalization and micro-aggressions through the lens of Relational-Cultural Theory and with a particular focus on the impact on girls and women.

See the Girl Summit

Amy Banks, MD
Interpersonal violence remains an epidemic in our society and continues to have a devastating impact on women and girls. This workshop will help participants understand the consequences of trauma and abuse, looking through a double lens of relational-cultural theory and relational neuroscience. Participants will learn the neurobiology of trauma and PTSD and why close, healing relationships can be so difficult to form with women who have been abused. –
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Why Grief and Loss Can Make You Heartsick

Dr. Amy Banks

This workshop presented the neuroscience of grief and loss and the research describing health implications of chronic isolation in women and girls. Participants used this information in experiential group activities to develop loss resiliency strategies for personal and professional uses.

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“Why Grief and Loss Can Make You Heartsick”
Workshop Powerpoint
Meet Workshop Speaker, Dr. Amy Banks
Additional Resources

Dr. Amy Banks – Wellesley Centers for Women
Humans are Hardwired to Connect

Forming Healthy Thriving Connections