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Please watch our Bullying video and take our one-minute survey to help spread the message about the harm bullying does.


Additional Bullying videos.Appropriate for Pre K and Kindergarten– the second one is the same thing, just a shorter version for shorter attention spans

Sesame Street: The Good Birds’ Club 11:46
Sesame Street: The Good Birds’ Club 2:15

Appropriate for Elementary students Grades 1-5

12 webisodes from KB & Melanie From 1 to 3 minutes each

Appropriate for Middle & High School/ Adults

No More Second Chances: More Than a Bystander 01:00
Stop Bullying: Everyone Can Help 1:18
Anti Bullying 7:47
The Price of Silence 1:58
Teen Suicide-13 years old Story of Ryan Halligan 4:34